WHY ‘Multi-sociocontextual’?

Perception occurs in the rich context of knowledge

Our understanding of the world is shaped by our biases, both positive and negative, which are rooted in multiple layers of social context. Rather than focusing on a single source of bias, we examine the various sources that contribute to the shaping of our subjective experiences. These sources include stereotypes, conceptual knowledge, and others that stem from the perceiver’s cultural, geographical, temporal, and immediate situations.


The human mind is for action and perception

Perception and action are intertwined. We perceive the world in relation to how we can act on it, that is, we can interpret what we see because we understand how we can interact with it. Because of this, perception is not a fixed or passive process. We have the power to actively shape not only our own dynamic perception of the world, but also how others perceive us. This can be accomplished in many ways, such as by changing the context or our appearance.

where to find us

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